strong and steady growth in the last two decades.
Conner Electric Service, Inc. enjoys a reputation as a reliable electrical and general contractor in the most critical of circumstances.
We operate at the highest levels of quality in order to meet contract specifications of the most demanding clients.
We encourage you to examine the qualifications of Conner Electric Service.  
I am sure you will find, as have many others, that Conner Electric Service, Inc. has a combination of quality and competitive pricing making us unique among electrical contractors.             
Clyde Conner
Conner Electric Service, Inc.       Conner Electric Service, Inc. is a broad-capability, full-service electrical contractor located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA serving all of Southwest Louisiana.

Established in 1983 - Incorporated in 1988, Conner Electric Service, Inc. is proud of its reputation as an experienced and competitive, Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical contractor - a reputation built upon years of experience and performance proven on all size jobs.

Whatever the requirements of the job, Conner Electric Service, Inc. possesses the critical experience and equipment, dedication to quality and commitment to cost-control standards that are needed.
Conner Electric Service, Inc. has experienced 
Our company is prepared to expand operations assisting other corporations in need of professional expertise in digital, electronic and electrical installations.                       
From the President
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Serving Southwest Louisiana
Conner Electric Service